Digital is absolutely business critical for basically every industry today.
I help companies build and ship
digital products that actually matter.

A love for 
building products

Astrid Honkanen, 
Digital Product Designer

Since 13+ years I help companies to design & develop digital products and services that focus on creating added value for customers & users whilst helping companies reach their goals and deliver tangible business results.  

For the last years I've been working for various clients in different industries, discovering digital products from scratch using the right methods,
consulting them on their strategic design and sparring & reviewing  on complex topics.  


Additionally I've gained more in-depth entrepreneurial knowledge by starting my own company building a B2B software. 

My clients include XING, fielmann, Chefkoch,,  Gruner & Jahr, start-ups like Proofler,, Nordic Minds, as well as FutureHunt, my own early-stage start-up.

You need support

for you're next product idea,
implementing new features or consulting around critical topics? 

I'm available for freelance projects and collaborations,
short- or long-term.

Additionally I enjoy networking and exchanging new ideas. You can find me in the office @Rainhaus or reach me via mail:

My Office 
Große Rainstraße 31 
22765 Hamburg