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Executive Search is specialized recruitment for seeking highly qualified candidates for leadership roles.
Recruiting the top 10%.

FutureHunt is a cross-platform application visualizing Executive Search projects. With this tool we created the first digitalized, cloud-based workflow & repository platform for all stakeholders in the Executive Recruitment. 



For the Executive Search Consultant a complex managing & information flow to manage the parties and their expectations while finding the right candidate for a high-profile position is time-consuming and costly.

The Client, mostly HR Directors and CEOs, are facing internal pressure and high costs due to open placements and expensive projects with unknown outcome.




The application is browser-based and by that constantly available while enabling Consultants, Clients & Candidates working together collaboratively by mapping the whole process including all documents. 

Instead of being a simple database interface FutureHunt shows initially the main important data. By that people involved always have an overview of project states and prioritised next steps to be taken during projects. 


Automated reports

Instead of spending heaps of time writing and putting together regular project status report for their clients consultants can easily generate project reports from FutureHunt.

It takes all the important numbers into account, creates anonymous candidate profiles and enables the consultant to give a clear market feedback and project update to their clients.  


First pilot client has FutureHunt
on board.

FutureHunt is a running and secure MVP, a whitelabel that comes together
with a database to enable Executive Search projects.
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