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Proofler is an application which helps the user collecting all relevant data needed to create a decisive process to arrive at a decision regarding a certain question.

Proofler is build along the natural flow of reaching a decision based on our psychological behavior. This includes two factors: ratio and gut instinct.

It serves single- or groupdecisions.


Client Vedaserve GmbH
Job User Experience Design & Interface Design


Creating Decision

A decision is build upon the collection of all for the user relevant data.
It consists of the considered options, the for the user important criteria plus the value of each options criteria.


After collecting all relevant data the user weights and rates the value of their criteria following their ratio. Afterwards each option is also rated following the users gut instinct.

To share their decision making process the user can invite others to participate and rate the possible options and criteria to get a better understanding of how others would go about finding a solution.


Rating of the criteria and their values

Group Decision

For the application also creating added value in a B2B context we added the feature of creating a group decision. The user can invite colleagues or friends to participate in a decision. The invitee can rate the users criterias and values based on ratio as well as gut feeling and are able to see their own results as well as the groups' results. 


Next step: Currently we are testing the latest version
in several real settings to measure and iterate. 


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